Read “Samsara” – in the Fall Issue of The Scriblerus

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A poem about giving our little people a break, even though we may have used all our breaks up. This poem closes out my second collection, Soulless Heavens, published by The Red Salon.

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“Poems that bristle with visceral energy and cavernous sadness”

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What people said about my first collection of poems, Spear of Stars:

“Amazing collection of poems that bristle with visceral energy and cavernous sadness. O’Toole is a natural.”
~ Alec K. Redfearn, composer and musician

“This book is quite an accomplishment. Jason has an understanding of poetry that the rest of us will never have. All of these poems struck me in a very powerful way.”

~ Kevin Egan of Beyond & 1.6 Band

“A wonderful book of poems from the vocalist of the band, Life’s Blood.”

~ Dwid Hellion of Integrity

“Poetry for whatever the 80s-00s left of your soul. You have to believe we are magick.”

~ Joey Maya of Battalion of Saints


Alec K. Redfearn & Jason O’Toole to Perform at Secrets of the Dead @ Film Noir Cinema, Brooklyn

Tomorrow (Saturday, November 2, 2019) at 8PM! Modular Synth & whatever it is I do…


Fifteen bucks gets you inside and I’m told you can eat and drink for free, which is crazy, but that’s what the man said. There’s an after party too. I’m certainly not going to post when and where on this page, but if you play your cards right, we might hip you to it.

London May has a film in this festival.

Secrets of the Dead includes these short films: London May (formerly of Samhain with Glenn Danzig) offers us “Brutal Reality;” Chris Roe (former manager of George Romero) has offered us “A Tale of Two Sisters” featuring Traci Lords in a dramatic role; professional dominatrix and Satanist Lena Marquise will teach us “Control;” Greek animator Thodoris Sarafis will give us a glimpse of “The Life of Death”; George Petros, former editor of Juxtapoz Magazine, and digital pioneer Robert Lund give us a tour of the “Ghost Museum;” Brian Ratigan’s “Death Archive” will open for us a portal to the other side; Rachel Amodeo’s “Rest in Peace” gives unto the dead their just due; and Larry Wessel’s investigation of “Santaria” will expose many secrets of the grave.

Q and A will follow screening with: Secrets curator Jeffrey Wengrofsky as well as Rachel Amodeo and George Petros.

…and of course the duo of Redfearn & O’Toole will conjure up things best left alone by saner men.

Modular Synth & Magick – Your Best Value for Your Entertainment Dollar!