End of Watch – We are in the Fight of our Lives

One of my favorite co-workers once told me “one day you’ll be in a fight for your life and you have to be ready” and we had some crazy calls on the road that came damn close to being the end of our story. We couldn’t have known that his final fight would be against a virus that didn’t even exist back then. Still some want to make their fight against wearing masks, social distancing, and other common sense, evidence-based practices known to stop the spread of COVID. How many more must die because of failed leadership and foolishness?

Donald Trump loves to brag that he has the support of police unions (curious for an anti-union Republican), but know this – those of us who were called to serving the public for the right reasons will never support this abject failure of a human being. While pointing his fat finger at rightfully angry protesters, and calling for war against our own neighbors, family and friends, he distracts from his absolute failure in taking this virus seriously.

It’s time for us to rise up together and vote out the threat to National Security that is Donald Trump. We are in the fight of our lives. Are you ready?

#maskup #CoronaVirus

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